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Neuromarketing is a field that combines neuroscience and marketing, with the goal of understanding the brain’s response to marketing stimuli in order to design more effective marketing campaigns. In recent years, there have been several exciting new discoveries in the field of neuromarketing that have significant implications for the marketing industry.

The End of Buyers Agents?

The End of Buyers Agents?

This year will prove to be a watershed moment for realtors and specifically the buyer's agent. What started as a good idea has now become a black eye on the industry.  Price-fixing is rampant although the very MLS boards - which conspire to do exactly that with their...

Growth Hacking Defined

Growth hacking is a rapid experimentation process in which you continually change your marketing to grow faster. Growth hacking involves multiple departments within an organization, such as engineering, development, and product.

Housing As A Service (HaaS)

Housing As A Service (HaaS)

Today you can rent an AIR BnB in 3 simple clicks. Shouldn't managing your home be just as simple and easy?  Please meet HaaS (Housing as a Service). The recent COVID 19 crisis and subsequent shelter in place mandates have required many industries to rethink their...

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