As homeowners, sometimes major repairs are inevitable.  The good news is that many are entirely avoidable. This is an effective way to prevent most of the costly repairs by developing and inspection plan that includes a preventative maintenance plan.

Replacing your cooling and heating systems

Your home air conditioner and furnace are two of the most notable investments. As in most cases, living without working AC or heating is not an option. If you’re put in the position where you need to replace either, you can expect to pay thousands. An aging AC or heating system dying is a sudden financial shock to most homeowners.

The key to extending the useful life of systems, as with most things in your home, is preventative maintenance. In the spring, you’ll want to call a locally trusted HVAC company and have them come to your home to maintain and inspect your cooling system thoroughly. Be sure to do this before summer arrives, you significantly reduce the risk of a system breakdown and it will boost your air conditioner’s energy-efficiency. The same applies to scheduling a fall tune-up for your furnace.

Although cooling and heating repairs can be pricey, they will never be as expensive as replacing the entire system. If your inspection reveals a repair necessary, don’t wait. Quick action can be the difference between keeping your current system and having to replace it prematurely.

Addressing foundation and structural issues

A damaged or a structurally compromised foundation almost always results in repairs being not only extensive but expensive as well. Although some of these issues are unavoidable, many causes of foundation and structural issues can be prevented. For example, termites do billions of dollars of damage to U.S. homes every single year. By being proactive and on alert for signs of termite activity and termite-related damage, it will be more likely to stop an infestation before it causes structural damage.

Repairing water damage

Water damage is one of the most costly repairs when left unchecked.  Water does somehow, someway get into your home and when it does the results can be catastrophic, to say the least.  Your home foundation and the structural integrity of the home are exposed to significant damage when water is the culprit.   When water finds a way into a home you can have damage not only to the visible elements such as carpet, wood flooring, appliances, ceilings, and the roof but to the most important structural elements such as not just the foundation but the earth supporting that very foundation.  This water penetration can lead to the home actually sinking which causes the split of the foundation, the walls may crack or even bow. As you can imagine these repairs can be in the tens of thousands of dollars and more! The repairs to structural issues are not always as bad as they may seem when first detected.  Professionals offer lifetime transferable warranties for certain repair types. 

The smallest of leaks whether from a pipe, toilet or roof penetration creates uniques problems and sometimes with deadly results if left unchecked.  Water creates mildew and deadly mold that can make a home uninhabitable and uninsurable until properly mitigated by state-licensed professionals. They will issue a certificate necessary to have the state issue a new certificate of occupancy. 

You should have a preventative plan for the entire home and it should include a leak and water inspection just like those done for your mechanical systems. Examples of things to look for include regular roof inspections, physical inspection of hot water unit, toilet, and sink pipe connections.  

Having a licensed professional perform an annual inspection is not only a good idea it is a sound investment in preventing expensive repair bills.