A revolution or just evolution?

For a lot of people, Housing as a Service (HaaS) may oftentimes be confused for “SmartHomes”.  A Smart Home is:

A home is smart when it can help with the day-to-day of life by automating tech for security, convenience, comfort, and entertainment. When devices can “talk” to one another in your home, it creates a unique ecosystem that makes your life easier. Appliances and devices that can communicate on a home network include some appliances, lighting, heating, A/C, shades, security system, sound systems, TVs, and so much more. 

This is NOT HaaS.  Smart Homes are a module in the total scope of HaaS.  HaaS seeks to offer homeowners one singular destination for everything home-related.

Just to get started how about:

  • Need to sell your home and rent?
  • Need a home equity line of credit?  Want to see how much your home is worth? 
  • Need to keep up with basic maintenance?
  • Want to know when those appliance warranties expire? 

HaaS brings all of these housing “tasks” together and more on your HaaS dashboard via a smartphone app. Just open your phone and check your home equity value in real-time, check whats in the fridge, turn on the video cams and see how the dogs are….you get the picture right?

Sounds easy enough?  There currently is NO such service – right now – but it is coming. And guess who is leading the way to providing this first-ever Housing as a Service (HaaS)?  Well, who else but REX?  The very company I work with.  REX.  They are leading the way like no other.  See the press about REX here.

In a nutshell, the future of HaaS is about to accelerate and I KNOW that there is no other company devoting 100% of their resources to provide HaaS but REX.  So the infamous Davidoff Principle should apply and if Mr. Jack Ryan is correct – and he usually is – we will see HaaS go mainstream.

I wonder what the REALTORS® will do then?

more to come…