Today you can rent an AIR BnB in 3 simple clicks. Shouldn’t managing your home be just as simple and easy?  Please meet HaaS (Housing as a Service).

The recent COVID 19 crisis and subsequent shelter in place mandates have required many industries to rethink their consumer interactions.  In some cases, it has completely wiped out the old way of doing things.  Housing is a great example.  Housing is one of our most prized and valuable assets owned and yet it has consistently lagged behind with regards to what is and what could be.  In other words, given all the technology available right now very few consumers have leveraged all the technologies at their disposal. It could be that they are overwhelmed – or more likely – clueless. And here is where the opportunity presents itself for HaaS (Housing As A Service).

People have to live somewhere and housing has been designated an “essential service” in every State that mandated shelter in place.  Still, trying to show a home or rental property has presented an entirely new and challenging opportunity.  How to show a home and perform all the due diligence while protecting all parties involved.  It is already here and REX is making a significant move to consolidated market share as Jack Ryan’s HaaS vision comes to life.  The current and most pressing issue at hand is not just showing the house but completing the transaction with minimal or no real-life human interaction.

Enter HAAS (Housing As A Service).  Like SAAS before us, HAAS is now making its way to the front of the line.  Housing as a Service is all-inclusive and available to everyone the audience reflects that.  This article will be an ongoing effort to update and share any new technologies or companies that have entered this exciting new segment.  We will share different ways HaaS can be leveraged for resident benefit and welfare and to share all economic, ecological, and health benefits of HaaS.