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REX began with a vision to help people buy and sell homes by harnessing the power of technology. It was this innovative approach that would be the genesis to the way real estate would change. REX’s goal to provide a new and better way for people to make real estate transactions has become a reality. In addition to this innovative approach to business, was a deep-seated belief in giving back. This vision and mission have continued to grow — REX’s business has flourished and given back is deeply embedded in the REX culture.

With this commitment to give back, REX set up their business model to contribute a portion of their revenue from every home sale to help others. It was in the early days of their organization that they discovered World Housing, a charity that exists to help solve global homelessness. The World Housing mission aligned with REX’s vision and they soon became an Ambassador for World Housing. It remains deeply profound that REX’s real estate transactions are the catalyst to gifting homes to families in dire need.

How It Works

“At REX we are providing homes for families that do not have them, both currently, and with the wealth, we create over time. For every 50 homes REX sells, we build one for a family that does not have one.” — Lynley Sides, REX, Co-Founder, President & COO.

Through this philanthropic and forward-thinking model, REX connects everyone involved in their business transactions, creating a halo effect of social impact. Since 2016, when they first became involved with World Housing, REX has funded the construction of 29 homes in three countries.

So in a sense, the REX model creates an empowering and lasting partnership with the American consumer to maximize their wealth, but also with World Housing and those families and individuals seeking a home who couldn’t otherwise afford it.

When you harness innovation and technology, everyone wins.

What Has Been Accomplished Thus Far

It began in Cambodia with three homes that were funded in Phnom Penh, in the Steung Meanchey dump. This gift of a home to these families took them from barely surviving in dangerous conditions picking garbage, to thriving in the World Housing community. The homes REX gifts are part of a holistic community where residents who receive the homes are given access to the resources they need, and children are able to attend school, further shifting the generational cycle of poverty.


REX x WH Family – Cambodia, House number: #331  Family Name: Kong Sarom

I was born in Sihanoukville. I went to school until I was 11 years old. When I was younger, I dreamed to be a policeman. I have four children now. They are 11 years old, 6 years old, 4 years old, and 3 years old. My wife passed away so now I want to do the best that I can to make my children warm. I felt very happy when my family and I moved into the World housing community. I feel confident that I can support my children now. I work part-time as a handyman in the World Housing community so I still have time to look after my children.  I am so grateful for all of this support. Now my children can go to school. Even though I stopped studying when I was 11 years old, my children can study more.

Before World Housing Community
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As REX started to make powerful traction in the real estate industry through their innovative approach to selling homes, they continued to give back in a growing way and they quickly funded another three homes, this time to families living in the slums of Colombia.

A picture containing outdoor, side, food, sittingDescription automatically generatedFamilies living in slums near Bogota
A picture containing outdoor, grass, sitting, buildingDescription automatically generatedNew home community in Colombia

The next opportunity for REX as a World Housing Ambassador came in 2019 when the world’s first ever 3D printed home community was in need of funding. As leaders in innovation combined with their compassionate view to make the world a better place, REX stepped in to fund 3 more homes in this ground-breaking community in Mexico.

A group of people standing in front of a crowd posing for the cameraDescription automatically generatedShacks families use for homes before 3D homes built
A view of a houseDescription automatically generatedNew 3D homes
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By 2020, REX, out of growing prosperity generously jumped in as a major funding partner for the new World Housing Girls to Grannies Village. This purpose-built, female-only community will enable single women including grannies, mothers and young girls to rebuild their lives in a safe, secure village protected from poverty, and the abuses that so often accompany it. Through the funding of 20 homes for this community, the lives of 100 of the most vulnerable women will be transformed, empowering these women and girls to recover their lives. The Girls to Grannies Village is scheduled to be completed in November 2020.



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Everyone Deserves a Home.

“During these unprecedented times, the world has become acutely aware of the need for a safe place to #stayhome. As the fortunate ones, we wake up in a comfortable, safe place — the center of our personal lives, where we spend time with loved ones, share meals and can shelter from the outside world. Unfortunately for approximately 1 in 7 homeless people around the world, safe and secure housing is a distant dream. With our partners at REX, we are working together to help change this.”  – Don McQuaid, Managing Director, World Housing

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About World Housing

World Housing builds and gifts homes to families living in abject poverty around the world. Safe homes provide the stability needed to help transform lives and end the cycle of poverty. A home is just the beginning to ensure that the next generation has the opportunity for a better future through education, and increased access to the resources that change lives.

World Housing is proud to partner with REX to transform the lives of families living in absolute poverty. 100% of the funds that REX contributes to World Housing goes towards building homes.

To learn more about World Housing: